70 minutes, no intermission
Premiere February 24, 2009 by Vancouver East Cultural Centre at Scotiabank Dance Centre

In close quarters, four men play games that threaten to spiral into violence or desire. Inextricably bound together, they are alternately seduced, entranced and thwarted by an elusive female figure, who moves easily between dreams and physical reality. Incorporating anthropomorphic elements, and an insular heated sexuality, that alternates between open combat and tender intimacy, Cock-Pit is infused with all the volatility and pressure of youth trapped in a closed-off world. As secret yearnings and open plays for dominance threaten to erupt, the possibility of escape, like a distant woman moves into an unknown future.

Cock-Pit, for four men and one woman, features original music by Giorgio Magnanensi, lighting by James Proudfoot and costumes by Kate Burrows.

Cock-Pit is somewhat reflective of my own experiences as a young dance student in China. I shared a room with four boys for more than five years. We were at the age when we became concerned about sexuality without having any advice from our parents or teachers. We were not allowed to have girl friends, so we only thought about them in our dreams and imaginations. As we were all far away from home we talked a lot about our mothers. These memories contribute subconsciously to the scenario for this work. “Ling” means “feather” in Chinese Opera. They are used as hairpieces and represent the characters of warlords. In my work, the feathers are used as extensions of the body.”Wen Wei Wang

Winner Rio Tinto Alcan Performing Arts Award – Dance 2009.


“Wang has created countless imaginative experiments, and you feel that he could conjured dozens more…The piece is too full of memorable images and breathtaking moments. “ – The Georgia Straight

“Wang’s fascinating imaginary world of burgeoning manhood and confused desire…It’s all brilliantly theatrical, in turns witty, poignant and unsettling, and the piece was rapturously received.’’The National Post

 “Vancouver choreographer Wen Wei Wang is a master of imagery. His use of symbolism in dance is superb. So not surprisingly, his new work Cock-Pit is a visual triumph.” – The Globe and Mail